Spool valve pilot operated WVMFA10

Spool valves pilot operated NG10

Pilot operated 4-way valve in a 5 chamber system. The control of the pilot valve takes place electrically. Very compact construction with corresponding low weight and high flow values. The hydraulic control of the pilot valve can be internal or external via an additional connection plate or the mounting interface depending on the type of pilot operation. Spool detented or with spring reset. Precise spool fit, low leakage, long service life time. Spool made from hardened steel, valve body from high quality hydraulic cast steel.

Switching valves Spool valve pilot operated WVMFA10

Spool valve

  • Flange construction
  • Pilot operated
  • 4/2-way impulse execution detented
  • 4/3-way with spring centred mid position
  • 4/2-way with spring reset
  • Qmax = 160 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


Spool valves are mainly used for controlling direction of movement and stopping of hydraulic cylinders and motors. Pilot operated valves are used where large volume flows have to be controlled. Switching performance and leakage of the valves must be taken into account when designing the system. Solenoid spool valves are suitable for machine tools and handling systems of any kind.