Blue Competence

The Blue Competence partner companies see themselves as a community
of values with a commitment to a cleaner economy and sustainable development for the future. With its development and production site for valves, electronics and system solutions, Wandfluh has been an

Alliance Member of the Blue Competence label since 2015, and assumes responsibility for an energy-efficient production and, subsequently, a clean environment.

Use of waste heat

Machine and installation construction is generally rated among the more energy-intensive sectors. It is therefore especially important not only to pay attention to energy efficiency, but also to ensure that the heat energy generated in production is used as intelligently as possible. When manufacturing hydraulic components, most of the waste heat is created when testing the components. The test benches test the manufactured modules with a pressure of up to 550 bar and 200 l/min, which generates a large amount of heat energy. In recent years, this heat energy has been used to realise a small district heating network that supplies the surrounding buildings as well as another company’s industrial building with heat.

Recycling as standard

The chips and waste materials created in the mechanical production of hydraulic valves are collected, sorted by material and re-used for recycling. The remaining waste, in particular the oil, packaging materials, paper and lamps etc. are separated and then collected by a recycling company, where they are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

Our fundamental attitudes in development
  • Avoiding hazardous substances in products (REACH)
  • Increasing the material and energy efficiency of products
  • Avoiding hazardous consumable and auxiliary materials
  • Developing clean manufacturing processes
  • Extending the lifetime of a product
  • Construction and manufacturing recyclable products