Hydraulical, PMV-22 PMV-H22


The PMV concept is constructed to offer a high level of modularity. It allows a configuration of individual modules, which are available as pre-assembled units with their own type code. Modifications, to and between them, can also be carried out quickly in the field. Due to the modular design, special solutions can also be created in a flexible manner. For example, counterbalance valves integrated in the connection plate or operated non-return valves can be integrated. By means of the 2-way pressure compensator, the flow can be controlled Independent from the load.

PMV-H, Hydraulical Hydraulical, PMV-22 PMV-H22

Mobile control unit

  • Proportional spool function
  • Integrated 2-way pressure compensator per section
  • Very flexibly combinable
  • Qmax = 400 l/min
  • pmax = 420 bar


The areas of application are very diverse. PMV are used where very compact installation dimensions are required and a function must be sensitively controlled. Typical applications are cylinder and motor controls for all handling functions in such loading cranes, telescopic handlers, aerial platforms, municipal vehicles, construction machinery, drilling equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, offshore applications, underground mining