Non-return valve pilot operated sandwich construction B_ERV_4

Non-return valves, pilot operated non return valves, shuttle valves, pipe failure valves, drain valves, 3-way shifting valves NG4-Mini

Sandwich type non-return valve NG4-Mini with hydraulic pilot with interface according to Wandfluh standard. The valves allow a free flow in one direction and shut off in the opposite direction. 3 different standard versions are available. The steel sandwich body is phosphatised. Good performance data and attractive design are the hall marks of this quality product.

Switching valves Non-return valve pilot operated sandwich construction B_ERV_4

Non-return valve
hydraulic pilot
Sandwich construction

  • Qmax = 20 l/min
  • pmax = 315 bar


Pilot operated non-return valves are used to shut off pressurised hydraulic cylinders, e.g. in lifting or clamping fixtures, without leaking. The hydraulic cylinder can olny be moved in the shut off direction if a directional valve directs the volume flow into the opposite port and releases the valve. Reliability in operation is increased ba a directional valve which connects both oil ports to the tank in the neutral position. Sandwich type elements NG4-Mini mean that the system is highly flexible and save both space and weight.