New product PD3

For the simple and inexpensive control of a proportional valve, Wandfluh has developed the digital amplifier electronics PD3. The device can be mounted directly on a solenoid coil (see picture) or connected to a standard solenoid coil with a cable.

The device has a standardised IO-Link interface. It consists of a digital communication, via which the parameters, diagnostic data and the command are...

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Non-return valve pilot operated

The non-return valve can be hydraulically unlocked through a separate connection. The screw-in cartridge meets the cavity standard according to ISO 7789. The valve is used for leakfree closing-off of a hydraulic line that must be unlocked under pressure as, for example, is the case for hydraulic cylinders in lifting or clamping devices. With this, volume flows of up to 80 l/min can be controlled...

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Factsheet lifting and lowering

A core task of hydraulics is the lifting and lowering of loads, especially in forklift trucks, but also with lifting platforms, cranes, elevators, winches, etc. For small and medium-sized industrial trucks, such as forklift trucks, lowering is usually controlled via proportional valves in the bypass. For reasons of productivity, the lifting and lowering speed of the fork should be as high as...

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