Proportional spool valve with integrated electronics DSV

The proven proportional spool valve with integrated electronics now has the new option of a 7-pole connector that corresponds to the connection standard used in many places. The valve controls the volume flow proportionally to the adjusted solenoid current from 0 to 32 l/min sensitively and accurately. This up to a pressure of 350 bar. The integrated electronics offer various options from an…

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22.02.2018 Spool valve, NG6, low leakage, 4/2-way, 4/3-way, WDEFA06…-Z546
Solenoid operated spool valve with lowest leakage

The spool valve in the nominal size NG6 was specially developed for applications in which the leakages must be minimal, or in which a reduced dimension is required. The valve can be operated with input pressures of up to 350 bar and switches volume flows of up to 10 l/min securely and reliably. The leakage is 4-6 ccm/min at 200 bar. The valve is available as 4/2- or 4/3-way function with the…

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Spool valve as screw-in cartridge

The spool valve in cartridge construction permits a compact space-saving directional valve solution for the block construction.

The valve can be operated with input pressures of up to 350 bar and switches volume flows of up to 40 l/min.

The valve with the designation WDEPU10 is available as a 4/2-way function in a 4-step UNF 7/8" cavity and can be operated with all Wandfluh standard and special…

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24.01.2018 MSSPM22
Proportional pressure reducing valve

The direct operated pressure reducing valve regulates the manually adjusted output pressure independent of the input pressure and the volume flow. With its seattight construction, the valve closes the output leakage-free against the input as soon as the adjusted output pressure is reached. Thereby, for example, an accumulator pressure or also a holding force can be maintained without energy loss…

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