75 years Wandfluh

Solutions since 1946 - this 75th anniversary is a birthday that we want to celebrate in memory of the company founder Rudolf Wandfluh and his wife Gertrud, but also in memory of all the other people who have contributed to the success of the company. In the coming weeks, we will therefore introduce some of the people who have shaped our company's history on our LinkedIn page. Because it was and is…

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16.05.2021 [Translate to English:]
CCC Certification

The Chinese market regulator SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) has introduced the new CCC certification requirement for explosion-proof products from the end of 2020. The CCC certification is based on the national Chinese GB Standards and Implementation Rules and applies to both imported and Chinese products.

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Poppet valve in sandwich plate

The poppet valve sandwich plate range is extended by a variant with a slip-on coil solenoid. With the seat-tight valve, flows up to 80 l/min and 350 bar can be switched. The coil voltage or the plug type can be easily changed using the slip-on coil principle. A corresponding valve variant is available for use in explosion-hazard areas of zones 1+2.

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03.03.2021 C_EN Video
How a 2-way slip-in cartridge valve works

The 2-way slip-in cartridge valves are inserted in the control block into a bore standardised according to ISO 7368 and closed with a control cover. In operation, they merely act as amplifiers, following the pilot valve on the cover that can be controlled manually or electrically via an analogue or digital interface. Combined with intelligent electronics, complex hydraulic circuits that are…

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