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                 Safety, stability and reliability are the most important requirements for a brake system.
                 The areas of application can be very different. Whether for low-floor vehicles such as
                 trams or regional trains, for all types of cable winches, for large dump trucks or cable cars,
                 being able to precisely regulate the smallest pressures is an indispensable prerequisite for
                 any brake system.

               By  means  of  the  proportional  pressure  reducing  valve,  the
               cylinder pressure is adjusted to the required braking force. The
               output pressure of the control valves is independent from the
               input pressure. Such systems are often used for the accumulator
               unloading operations in order to ensure as long standstill intervals
               of the motor pump units as possible. In the case of proportional
               control  valves,  only  low  leakages  must  occur.  Passive  brake
               systems require an inverse valve function.

               Direct operated pressure valves of various sizes are used in
               brake  systems.  The  pressure  reducing valves of the valve
               series with M16 screw-in thread (MDPPM16, MGPPM16) are
               constructed  very  compact.  The  larger  valves  (MDPPPU10,
               MQPPM22), which can process oil flows of up to 20 l/min or
               40 l/min, are suitable for larger brake cylinders. Brake systems
               can also be constructed with pressure relief valves (BDPPM,
               BSPPM) or throttle valves (DNPPM, DOPPM).

               •  Smallest minimum pressures adjustable
               •  Fast step response times for immediate braking
               •  Very low leakage values, < 25 ccm/min
               •  Low temperature executions
               •  Different corrosion protection classes

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