Complete solutions

Wandfluh as a specialist provider

Already at the beginning of the planning phase, Wandfluh as a specialist provider of large hydraulic powerpacks and systems offers outstanding advice. Due to its many years of experience, cost-optimised and technically outstanding solutions are realised.


Specialist Wandfluh engineers with years of experience accompany the implementation of complete electro-hydraulic systems from A to Z. A competent partner, Wandfluh Systems is always ready, in partnership with the customer, to tackle new, challenging projects and develop innovative hydraulic and electronic solutions. The aim is to offer the optimal solution and the maximum added value for the project. The hundreds of realised systems, both in Switzerland and abroad, guarantee technically and economically optimised solutions.


Wandfluh's experienced engineers and technicians are available for elaborating the specifications for the installation project.

Development, construction

If required, the conception of the entire system is taken over, from the hydraulic powerpack to the control units, from any special cylinder to the definition of electrical interfaces and the electrical control cabinet.

Implementation, manufacture

The central elements of a hydraulic powerpack are the hydraulic valves and control units. These are manufactured at the Wandfluh factory in Frutigen. For the construction of the system as a whole, only high-quality products from carefully selected suppliers are considered. 

Installation, testing, commissioning

Construction work and factory testing for all Wandfluh hydraulic powerpacks take place at the company's own extensive facilities. If the hydraulic system needs to undergo very thorough testing during acceptance at the factory, Wandfluh offers a realistic simulation set-up.

Customer service, after sales service

Wandfluh Systems service engineers and technicians are there to help with installation and commissioning. Optimally equipped mobile workshops allow them professional work on site. In the event of any interferences, straight forward support is offered. The service team is also available for periodic maintenance work on Wandfluh hydraulic systems or those of different origin.