Proportional pressure reducing valve flange, NG4 mini MDPFA04

Proportional pressure relief valves, proportional pressure reducing valves NG4-Mini

Direct operated proportional pressure reducing valve in flange construction. Proportionally to the solenoid current, the solenoid force increases on the a-side and on the b-side, respectively, whereby the pressure increases in port B and A, respectively. The valve operates practically independently of the input pressure. Pressure increase in the consumer port to above the adjusted value, e.g. ­through an active consumer, is avoided by discharging excess oil to the tank. With the solenoid deenergised, the oil flows freely from consumer port to the tank. For the control, Wandfluh proportional amplifiers are available (see register 1.13). ​

Proportional valves Proportional pressure reducing valve flange, NG4 mini MDPFA04

Flange construction

  • direct operated
  • Qmax = 4 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar
  • pN red max = 25 bar


This pressure reducing valve is used as a pilot valve for proportional spool valves NG10 (WV_FA10). The electrical remote control in conjunction with process controls allows economical solutions with repeatable processes.