Pressure sequence cartridge pilot operated FV_PM22

Pressure relief, backpressure, pressure sequence, accumulator unloading valves M22x1,5

Pilot operated pressure sequence valve in screw cartridge construction with M22x1,5 thread for cavity acc. to ISO 7789. The valve is available with 2 different types of adjustment: key ad-justment „S“ and control knob adjustment „D“ both of which are fixed, and a lockable version „K“. Key adjustment „S“ is also available with cover see data sheet 2.0-50. Three pressure ranges are available as standard: 63, 160 and 350 bar. The steel cartridge body is zinc coated and thus protected against rust.

Switching valves Pressure sequence cartridge pilot operated FV_PM22

Pressure sequence valve
Screw-in cartridge

  • Pilot operated
  • Qmax = 100 l/min
  • pmax = 400 bar
  • pN max = 350 bar


For sequence control of operating sequences, whereby a consumer is switched on when a specific pressure is reached. Operates as a pressure relief valve for controls where ram pressure in the secondary line may not affect the pressure setting. The screw cartridges are very well suited for use in control blocks and are installed as functional parts in the Wandfluh- Hydraulik NG4, NG6 and NG10 sandwich plates (vertical stacking). Please see separate data sheets in register 2.1). Step tools are available (for hire or purchase) for the manufacture of the cartridge cavities in steel or aluminium blocks. See data sheets in register 2.13