Proportional throttle cartridge D_PPM18

Proportional throttle valves, proportional flow control valves M18x1,5

Direct operated proportional throttle valve. Thread M18x1,5 and cavity in accordance with ISO 7789. Spool options „normally closed“ and „normally open“. Two flow ranges are available. The volume flow is adjusted by a Wandfluh-proportional solenoid (VDE standard 0580). Progressive increase and decrease of volume flow and reduced hysteresis are characteristics of this valve. The cartridge body is made of steel. Its special surface coating protects the outside against corrosion and reduces friction of the control spool. The solenoid is zinc coated.

Proportional valves Proportional throttle cartridge D_PPM18

Proportional throttle valve
Screw-in cartridge

  • Direct operated, not pressure compensated
  • Throttle in one flow direction
  • Qmax = 12 l/min, pmax = 250 bar
  • QN max = 6,3 l/min


Proportional throttel valves are suitable for precise feed control systems. Very sensitive opening and closing characteristics allow smooth control of movements in stationary or mobile installations, e.g. machine tools, public vehicles. Installation of the screw-in cartridge in control blocks as well as in the Wanfluh sandwich plates (vertical stacked systems) and flange valves of the NG3-Mini types. (Please note the separate data sheets in register 2.6). Cavity tools are available for machining the cavities in steel and aluminium (hire or purchase). Please refer to the data sheets in register 2.13.