Pressure relief cartridge pilot operated hydraulic vented BV_PM22_Z9

Pressure relief, backpressure, pressure sequence, accumulator unloading valves M22x1,5

Spool type pilot operated relief valve, vented. Thread M22x1,5 and cavity in accordance with ISO 7789. The valve is available in 2 different setting versions: Key setting «S» and turning knob setting «D». Key adjustment «S» is also available with cover, see data sheet 2.0-50. Three standard pressure levels are available: 63, 160 and 350 bar.The steel cartridge body and adjustment spindle are galvanised to protect them from corrosion. The quality of this product is reflected in the good performance data and the relevant design.

Switching valves Pressure relief cartridge pilot operated hydraulic vented BV_PM22_Z9

Vented relief valve
Screw-in cartridge

  • Pilot operated
  • Qmax = 80 l/min
  • pmax = 400 bar
  • pN max = 350 bar


To limit the operating pressure in hydraulic systems. The valve function can be remote controlled via connection x. When relieving/opening control pipe x (3), the circuit is more or less unpressurised. The screw in cartridge is very suitable for installing in control blocks. Cavity tools are available for hire or sale for machining aluminium and steel. Please refer to data sheet 2.13. Attention: Should therefore not be utilized anymore in applications with periodically changing direction of flow.