Non-return valve sandwich construction BRV_4

Non-return valves, pilot operated non return valves, shuttle valves, pipe failure valves, drain valves, 3-way shifting valves NG4-Mini

Non-return valves allow a free flow in one direction and close off the opposite direction by metallically sealing. In the free flow direction, the volume flow opens the spring loaded seat cone. In the opposite direction, the spring keeps the valve closed. The required opening pressure depends on the spring force.

Switching valves Non-return valve sandwich construction BRV_4

Non-return valve
Sandwich construction

  • Qmax = 20 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


Non-return valves in the P port prevent the pump from backward rotation. When installed in the T port, the spring controlled opening pressure prevents a hydraulic system from draining to the tank. Miniature values are used where both, reduced dimensions and weight are important.