Integral pressure reversal operated spool valve AQ4Z100

Spool valves controlled by integral pressure NG10

Spool valve with 4 connections in a 5 chamber system with integral pressure reversal. Switches into the oposite switching position when the adjusted reversal pressure is reached. The reversal takes place e.g. in the end position of the stroke or when the load pressure is exceeding the adjusted reversal pressure. Cover with pressure reliefs for adjusting the reversal pressure. Precise spool fit, low leakage, long service life time. Spool made from hardened steel, valve body from high quality hydraulic cast steel.

Switching valves Integral pressure reversal operated spool valve AQ4Z100

Spool valve

  • Flange construction
  • with integral pressure reversal
  • 4/2-way
  • Qmax = 60 l/min
  • pmax = 315 bar


Valves with integral pressure reversal are suitable for controlling oscillating movements of a cylinder. Fields of application are press controls, assembly robots, feeding systems for wood heating or other systems with pressure dependent repositioning.