Stainless poppet valve in ex-protection execution


Poppet valve in ex-protection execution

Wandfluh has extended the solenoid operated poppet valve cartridges with an execution for use in highly corrosive and explosion-hazard environments. The valve is made of stainless materials and is coated with a high-quality surface protection. It can switch volumes up to 40 l/min at up to 350 bar. In the closed position, the metal seat closes the valve practically leakage-free. The universally applicable valve has an explosion-protected certified solenoid with all important approvals. An integrated manual override allows operation without solenoid current. The valve body is made of stainless steel (AISI 316). A K9 valve is supplied with a zinc-nickel coated solenoid coil, while the K10 version uses an AISI 316 encapsulated solenoid coil.

Depending on the type, the corrosion protection lasts well over 1000 h in the salt spray test. The direct operated valve of nominal size M22 is available as a 2/2-way function, normally open or normally closed, with the designation SDYPM22-AB_K or SDYPM22-BA_K. A 3/2-way function with the designation SDYPM22-FG_K is also available. The valve is used in applications where tight closing of lines is required, such as for example holding a load with a 2/2-way function, operating an actuator or as pilot control of a main valve using the 3/2-way function.

Further details can be found in data sheet 1.11-2064S.