Proportional spool valve NG6 with enhanced corrosion protection


Proportional spool valve NG6

The proven flange spool valves for the modular valve construction have been extended with an execution for use in very corrosive environments. In the "K8" execution, all external metal parts of the valve are completely coated with zinc-nickel, resulting in significantly higher corrosion protection (800 h in the salt spray test according to ISO 9227). The valve can be used up to a pressure of 350 bar and is available as 2-way or 3-way function. The nominal flow at a pressure drop of 10 bar is 30 l/min and can be sensitively controlled by variable solenoid current. It is perfectly suitable for demanding applications, due to its high resolution and low hysteresis. The valve is used where sensitive motion sequences are required. The application areas are in the industrial as well as in the mobile hydraulics for the smooth control of hydraulic drives. The valve of nominal size NG6 is available as a 4/3-way or also as a 4/2-way function with the designation WDPFA06. To control the valves, various electronic devices that are selected according to operating conditions are available: The SD7 for control cabinet installation in the machine industry, the MD2 for mobile applications with high protection against external influences, the PD2/PD3 as a small and simple control unit or electronics integrated in the valve with factory calibration for simple plug & play use. Most of these electronics devices have optionally integrated controllers where feedback value signals from sensors can be directly connected. The available controller structures are optimised for use with hydraulic drives. The control takes place via an analogue interface or a fieldbus interface (CANopen/J1939 or Profibus DP). The parameterisation can be made comfortably by means of the free parameterisation and diagnostics software PASO or via fieldbus interface.

Further details can be found in data sheet 1.10-77.