Spool valve NG6 with roller actuation

Wandfluh has equipped the existing roller valve with a more robust actuating mechanism and increased the hydraulic peak performances. The valve can now switch a volume flow of 80 l/min at up to 350 bar. The actuation roller can also absorb higher transverse forces and is very well protected against contamination and corrosion. The direct operated valve of nominal size NG6 is available as a 4/2-way…

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Proportional spool valve for larger volume flows

With its small and compact construction volume, volume flows of up to 200 l/min can be controlled at a pressure of up to 350 bar. Due to its high resolution, high volume flow and low hysteresis, the valve is perfectly suitable for demanding tasks. The nominal flow at a pressure drop of 10 bar is 90 l/min and can be sensitively controlled with a variable solenoid current by the pilot valve. Using…

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Solenoid coil with integrated electronics

The “DSV” electronics have been extended by the option of a 7-pole connector. This connector and its signal assignment correspond to the connection standards used in many places. The electronics are mounted fixed onto a solenoid coil and are used for simple control of a proportional valve. It can be slipped on practically all Wandfluh proportional valves as a slip-on coil.

By its compact…

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Brake Systems

The new Wandfluh hydraulique valves are direct operated valves in screw-in cartridge construction. These are available in two different sizes and cavities. The smaller models of the MDPPM16 and MGPPM16 series have been designed for a maximum flow of 6 l/min. The cartridge body is provided with a M16x1.5 thread. With the larger models in the MPPPU10 series, a maximum flow of 20 l/min can be…

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