Proportional spool valve in cartridge construction

The proven proportional spool valve has been supplemented with the option of manual override. This allows the 4/3-way spool valve to be actuated manually in both control directions.With the direct operated proportional spool valve WDPPU10_18, movements on hydraulic axes can be sensitively and precisely controlled. Due to its cartridge construction, the 4/3-way valve is ideally suited for...

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Manually actuated poppet valve with switching position holding function

The poppet valve of nominal size 6 can be held in the actuated position with its special hand lever mechanism. The direct operated poppet valve in flange construction is available in 2/2-, 3/2- and 3/4-way execution. By means of the hand lever, the poppet valve spool is opened or closed acting against the spring. Due to the poppet spool construction with pressure compensation on both sides, the...

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Stainless pressure reducing valve, manually operated

Wandfluh has extended the proven pressure reducing valve with an execution for use in very corrosive environments. It is made of stainless materials and coated with high-quality surface protection and can control volumes up to 80 l/min with up to 350 bar. The pilot operated 3-way valve reduces the input pressure to an adjustable output pressure. The pressure reducing valve regulates the output...

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Hand lever for spool valves NG6

The standard solenoid operated spool valves can now be equipped with an additional hand lever. Thus, the valve can be operated manually in addition to normal electrical actuation. The hand lever can be used for both switching and proportional valves. The spool valve switches flows of max. 80 l/min with pressures up to 350 bar. The switching valve with the designation WDMFA06_Z568 and the...

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