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PMV, les composants hydrauliques hautement flexibles qui peuvent être combinés de manière modulaire.


The Proportional Mobile Valves (PMV) programme describes a flexible hydraulic concept that can be individually assembled and modularly adapted for any type of application.
An internal pressure compensator is already built in as standard and leads to precise, load-independent and sensitive control.


PMV principally stands for a high degree of flexibility. Due to the modular design, PMV units can be designed and assembled for practically any type of application. The modules used are proportional spool valves with which the direction of movement and the speed of cylinders or hydraulic motors can be determined individually. Thanks to the built-in pressure compensator, the functions are controlled separately, continuously and at the same time load pressure compensated proportionally or via hand lever. Proportional spool valves PMV are suitable for all common pump systems. The volume flows and load pressures for the individual consumers can be set individually.


  • Modular structure
  • Individually adaptable
  • Volume flows and load pressures can be individually adapted to the downstream consumers
  • Extensive modular system with a multitude of variants and combination options
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Robust and durable design for pressures up to 420 bar
  • High energy efficiency due to low Delta p
  • Load Sensing Signal Amplifier
  • Anti-saturation module
  • Load-independent flow control
  • The load sensing pressure relief valves for connections A and B allow reduced energy loss.


High power density and reliability under all working conditions have always been important requirements for the use in the mobile sector. In order to carry out heavy work with large machines efficiently and yet also precisely, hydraulics that are well-adapted to the machine are required. With the highly flexible assemblable PMV programme, these units can be used almost everywhere in mobile applications.

The areas of application are very diverse. PMV are used where very compact installation dimensions are required and a function must be sensitively controlled.
Typical applications are cylinder and motor controls for all handling functions in such as:

  • Loading cranes
  • Telescopic handler
  • Aerial platforms
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Construction machinery
  • Drilling equipment
  • Agricultural and forestry machinery
  • Offshore applications
  • Underground mining

Most applications are remotely controlled with the proportional valve. However, due to the modular design, hydraulic joysticks can also directly control the valves or the functions can be controlled with built-in hand lever actuators. The PMV units are also the ideal choice for compact and efficient hydraulic systems on the high seas or in harbour facilities.

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  • Proportional function as standard
  • Size NG10 / 16 / 22 / 32
  • 1 – 1000 lpm flow
  • 420 bar
  • Pressure compensated
  • Functions free configurable
  • Modular structure for flexible unit assembly
  • Complete manifold assembly will be done
  • Through Build Programm Partner

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The PMV concept allows an individual composition of single modules, which are available as pre-assembled units with their own type code. Modifications can also be carried out very easily in the field. Due to the modular design, also special solutions can be created in a flexible manner. For example, counterbalance valves integrated in the connection plate or operated non-return valves can be integrated.

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