Spool valve for explosion-hazard areas

Spool valve NG10 for explosion-hazard areas

The spool valve makes it possible to switch flow rates of 160 l/min with up to 350 bar in the explosion protection zone with the highest hazard. The pilot control of the valve allows these large hydraulic powers to be switched with very low electrical power. The hydraulic control of the pilot valve can be internal or external via an additional connection plate or the mounting interface depending on the type of pilot operation. For the valve actuation, the proven, certified according to ATEX / IEC Ex, Wandfluh solenoid coil of equipment group I + II is used. This allows the valve to be used in underground mining as well as in surface installations up to zone 0. The valve with the designation WVZFA10 is available as 4/3- and 4/2-way execution with the ISO 4401-05 mounting interface. An impulse spool execution is also available, in which the switching position is held by mechanical detent.

Further details can be found in data sheet 1.9-40.