Proportional spool valve in cartridge construction


Proportional spool valve

The proven proportional spool valve has been supplemented with the option of manual override. This allows the 4/3-way spool valve to be actuated manually in both control directions.With the direct operated proportional spool valve WDPPU10_18, movements on hydraulic axes can be sensitively and precisely controlled. Due to its cartridge construction, the 4/3-way valve is ideally suited for installation in control blocks. The short overall length in connection with a space-saving 4-way UNF cavity enables compact control solutions. The valve can be used for flow rates up to 25 l/min and pressures up to 350 bar. It is characterised by a low hysteresis and excellent symmetry. The valve is available in two nominal sizes under the designations WDPPU08_12 and WDPPU10_18.

Further details can be found in data sheets 1.10-2710 and 1.10-2720.