Poppet valve cartridge


Poppet valve cartridge with a powerful solenoid system

Wandfluh has revised the proven cartridge poppet valves and equipped them with a powerful solenoid system. The solenoid coil is now steel-cased and thus optimised for operating in harsh environments. The valve can switch volumes up to 40 l/min at pressures up to 350 bar. In the closed position, the metallically sealing seat closes the valve practically leakage-free. The universally usable valve has the most widespread solenoid connections and voltages. It is optionally available with an integrated manual override. The solenoid coil, the armature tube and the valve body are very well protected against corrosion by their zinc/nickel coating (1000 h in salt spray test). The direct operated valve of nominal size M22 is available as a 2/2-way function, normally open or normally closed, with the designation SDSPM22-AB or –BA, and as a 3/2-way function with the designation SDSPM22-FG. The applications can be found where a tight closing of lines is essential, such as holding a load with a 2/2-way function, when actuating an actuator or as a pilot control of a main valve by means of a 3/2 function.

Further details can be found in data sheet 1.11-2061.