Alpine Junior World Ski Championships in Narvik


Junior World Ski Championships Narvik

The Alpine Junior World Ski Championships will take place in Narvik, Norway, from 5 to 14 March 2020. The participants for this World Championship were selected last week at Swiss Ski in Muri (Bern).

Among the numerous athletes born between 1999 and 2003 is also our employee Florian Kunz, who qualified for one of the six starting places due to his excellent performances in the disciplines Slalom and Giant Slalom in the past season.

The 19-year-old Florian grew up in Oey in the Diemtigtal and learned to ski on the Wiriehorn. He is a member of the Ski Team Diemtigtal and is part of the Swiss Ski national training centre region “middle” since 3 years.

In summer 2016 he started his apprenticeship as a polymechanic in our training workshop. Wandfluh is a "competitive sports-friendly training company" recognised by Swiss Olympic and can therefore offer a young athlete like Florian his professional training parallel to the relatively hard and time-consuming competitive sport. For his training and race days, he is given time off from the training company, which so far amounts to around 2,200 working hours. In addition, he is obliged to organise and follow up the subjects he missed at vocational school independently via one of his colleagues. This requires an enormous amount of commitment and discipline, just as it does in his sporting career planning.

Florian will be heading to Narvik on 9th March, where he will compete in the Giant Slalom on 12th March and in the Slalom on 13th March. We wish him a lot of success!