PME Software

Orchestra is an integrated development environment that contains the following tools:

– Arranger

– Composer

– Conductor

– Downloader

– Application Configurator


To assist the User in creating an application using off the shelf CANLink Modules regardless of software experience. Applications can be written exclusively by Hydro Electronic Devices (WAG), the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or a combination of both. The applications also have some flexibility in terms of how they are written. Based on the requirements of the application and the customer, Orchestra allows the software to be written with rungs using ladder logic or coded within C or C++.

Conditions du système et racccordement

Pour pouvoir utiliser correctement le logiciel Orchestra, un PC équipé du système d'exploitation Windows 7 ou supérieur (64 ou 32 bits) est nécessaire.

Téléchargement et installation
  • Download OrchestraSetup.zip from the Wandfluh Homepage
  • Extract OrchestraSetup.exe from zip file 
  • Run OrchestraSetup.exe as administrator


DOWNLOAD Orchestra.zip

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