The modular standard-valves allow customer-specific adjustments with a variety of options.


Reliable and long-life control valves and system solutions

Icy temperatures

Newly developed hydraulic valves for the low temperature range down to -60 °C

Thermal power plants

Reliable and safe valves with switching position monitoring


Apart from a very broad, high-quality and low-priced standard product range, Wandfluh develops customer-specific hydraulic valves, electronics and software to precisely meet even the most complex requirements in customer projects.

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Basic Module Reform6

In the field of powerpacks and system construction, customer-specific solutions are developed and implemented from hydraulic valves and electronic modules. A broad knowledge of the components and many years of experience in system construction are the key for precisely coordinated system solutions.

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Wandfluh Produktions AG manufactures mechanical precision parts and assemblies. In recent years, it has also established itself in the field of automation. It is continuously growing in a transnational and cross-sector market thanks to excellent quality and service at market prices.

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Proportional spool valve for larger volume flows

The spool valve is pilot operated by a new proportional pressure reducing valve. The main control spool can thus be controlled very precisely with a low hysteresis. The cost-optimised construction of...


Proportional spool valve with integrated electronics DSV

The proven proportional spool valve with integrated electronics now has the new option of a 7-pole connector that corresponds to the connection standard used in many places. The valve controls the...

Spool valve, NG6, low leakage, 4/2-way, 4/3-way, WDEFA06…-Z546

Solenoid operated spool valve with lowest leakage

The spool valve in the nominal size NG6 was specially developed for applications in which the leakages must be minimal, or in which a reduced dimension is required. The valve can be operated with...


Spool valve as screw-in cartridge

The spool valve in cartridge construction permits a compact space-saving directional valve solution for the block construction. The valve can be operated with input pressures of up to 350 bar and...


Proportional pressure reducing valve

The direct operated pressure reducing valve regulates the manually adjusted output pressure independent of the input pressure and the volume flow. With its seattight construction, the valve closes the...


Proportional pressure reducing valve

The new pressure reducing valve regulates output pressures from 0 to 200 bar proportionally to the adjusted solenoid current. The valve is used in applications where pressure must be regulated...

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Wandfluh has been shaping innovative thinking and passion since 1946. Striving for perfection, quality and customer satisfaction is the key to Wandfluh's success.

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From standard products through to products specifically tailored to the customer's needs. With Wandfluh, you will always get exactly what you need.



Redundancy and switching safety combined with a long service life are the main characteristics of components used in the energy sector. The hydraulic

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Wandfluh valves are increasingly being used in the marine sector. By using stainless materials or equivalent surface treatments, corrosion protection is


Oil + Gas

Work involving highly explosive liquids and gases requires accordingly secured technology. Especially in the oil and gas exploration sectors but also in mines...



High power density and reliability in all weather conditions have always been important requirements for the use in the mobile sector. In order to carry out...

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Industry applications have always been geared towards precision, efficiency and reliability. With Industry 4.0, these terms are now becoming even more...

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