Proportional pressure reducing valve with integrated DSV electronics


Proportional pressure reducing valve with integrated electronics

The pressure reducing valve with integrated electronics is now available with an optional 7-pole connector plug, which corresponds to the connection standard used in many places. The valve finely and precisely controls the output pressure in proportion to the specified target pressure and this in various pressure ranges up to a pressure of 350 bar with a max. flow of 40 l/min. The minimum controllable output pressure of 1 bar is very low, so that even the smallest pressures and forces in an application can be finely controlled. The integrated electronics provides both an analogue and a digital fieldbus interface for control. In addition, a controller variant is available which enables an additional control loop with an external sensor. The corresponding controller structures are optimised for the use of hydraulic drive units. The parameterisation takes place by means of the free parameterisation and diagnostics software PASO or via fieldbus interface. PASO also supports the user with simple diagnostic possibilities for a quick recognition of the current status of the valve and the system signals. The valve of nominal size M22 for cavity according to ISO 7789 is available with the designation MQPPM22. The valve is factory set and adjusted, so that an exchange in the machine becomes a simple Plug & Play.

Further details can be found in data sheet 2.3-643.