Factsheet 2-way slip-in cartridge valves C_ENxx

2-way slip-in cartridge valves are particularly compact logic valves for block construction. They enable a wide range of hydraulic functions to be implemented in the smallest of spaces for applications requiring high flow rates. The valves are installed in the control blocks in a bore standardised in accordance with ISO 7368 and closed with a cover in which the pilot valve is usually also...

Stainless poppet valve in ex-protection execution

Wandfluh has extended the solenoid operated poppet valve cartridges with an execution for use in highly corrosive and explosion-hazard environments. The valve is made of stainless materials and is coated with a high-quality surface protection. It can switch volumes up to 40 l/min at up to 350 bar. In the closed position, the metal seat closes the valve practically leakage-free. The universally...

Solenoid coil Ex-protection

The solenoid coil MKU has been extended with an additional approval for use in dust explosion hazardous areas. The solenoid coil is used for applications in explosive atmospheres where a corresponding protection class is required. It has explosion protection certificates for UL/CSA Class I / II & III Division 1 and Class I Zone 1 and Class II Zone 21. The coil can now be used in gas and dust areas...

Factsheet PD3 amplifier electronics

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects the components used in a value added chain to form an intelligent overall system in order to optimise operational efficiency in terms of rationalisation, automation and maintenance. This requires intelligent components with corresponding interfaces from all branches, including hydraulics. Intelligent products are characterised by the ability to...