Solenoid coil Ex d II C-type MKY45_18x60

Electronics Solenoid coil Ex d II C-type MKY45_18x60
Product name Nominal power Pn Certification Temperature range Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/_/M187-_9 WATEX, IECEx, EAC-25 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/_/M187-M2249 WATEX, IECEx, EAC-40 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/_/M187-M2389 WATEX, IECEx, EAC-60 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/_/M187-M2489 WATEX, IECEx, EACFunction amplifierRequest
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/_/M187-M2569 WATEX, IECEx, EACFunction free-wheeling diodeRequest
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/AUS/M187-_9 WAustralia-25 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/AUS/M187-M2249 WAustralia-40 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/AUS/M187-M2389 WAustralia-60 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/AUS/M187-M2489 WAustraliaFunction amplifierRequest
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/AUS/M187-M2569 WAustraliaFunction free-wheeling diodeRequest
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/NP/M187-_9 WNEPSI, MA-25 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/NP/M187-M2249 WNEPSI, MA-40 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/NP/M187-M2389 WNEPSI, MA-60 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/NP/M187-M2489 WNEPSI, MAFunction amplifierRequest
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/NP/M187-M2569 WNEPSI, MAFunction free-wheeling diodeRequest
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/IM/M187-_9 WInmetro-25 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/IM/M187-M2249 WInmetro-40 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/IM/M187-M2389 WInmetro-60 °C to ...Request
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/IM/M187-M2489 WInmetroFunction amplifierRequest
MKY45/18x60-_/L 9/IM/M187-M2569 WInmetroFunction free-wheeling diodeRequest