Switching solenoid economy BEIIV

Accessories Switching solenoid economy BEIIV
Product name Nominal Voltage UN Manual override Request
BE llV-G12-HB012 VDCHB0Request
BE llV-G12-HB4.512 VDCHB4.5Request
BE llV-G12-H_12 VDCH_Request
BE llV-G24-HB024 VDCHB0Request
BE llV-G24-HB4.524 VDCHB4.5Request
BE llV-G24-H_24 VDCH_Request
BE llV-R115-HB0115 VACHB0Request
BE llV-R115-HB4.5115 VACHB4.5Request
BE llV-R115-H_115 VACH_Request
BE llV-R230-HB0230 VACHB0Request
BE llV-R230-HB4.5230 VACHB4.5Request
BE llV-R230-H_230 VACH_Request