Proportional pressure reducing valve for explosion hazard areas

The pressure reducing valve controls output pressures from 0 to 200 bar proportionally to the adjusted solenoid current. The valve is used in applications where pressures must be precisely controlled independently of the input pressure and this in explosion-hazard areas of zone 1 and 2. Via the solenoid current, the proportional valve can continuously adjust pressures up to max. 200 bar and be...

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Robust 2/2-way cartridges (according to ISO 7368)

Wandfluh has revised the existing 2-way cartridge valve programme and equipped it with massively higher pressure resistance. In addition, the flow geometry has been optimized and thus the flow rate considerably increased.

The valve programme comprises the 5 nominal sizes NG16, 25, 32, 40 and 50, which cover the volume flow range from 360 l/min (NG16) to 2,500 l/min (NG50) and switch up to 630...

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New product PD3

For the simple and inexpensive control of a proportional valve, Wandfluh has developed the digital amplifier electronics PD3. The device can be mounted directly on a solenoid coil (see picture) or connected to a standard solenoid coil with a cable.

The device has a standardised IO-Link interface. It consists of a digital communication, via which the parameters, diagnostic data and the command are...

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