Congratulations on the 6th place at the WorldSkills 2019

On August 27, 2019, the closing ceremony and ranking announcement of the WorldSkills 2019 professional championships took place in Kazan, Russia. Our employee Thomas Schranz started in the category Polymechanics/Automation and took the excellent 6th place.

In spring 2018 Thomas started the preparations for the SwissSkills. These took place shortly after he had completed his apprenticeship as a...

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May the competitions begin

After a long preparation phase it is finally time: For our two employees Thomas Schranz as a participant in the category Polymechanics/Automation and for Andreas Allenbach as an expert it is getting serious, because tomorrow the WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan, Russia will start. A major event, especially for 21-year-old Thomas Schranz, who had to qualify last year at the SwissSkills in Bern for the...

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WorldSkills 2019

The winners of the SwissSkills have arrived in Kazan, Russia, where the WorldSkills 2019 will take place from Friday 23 August. The journey took them from Zurich to Moscow and with a domestic flight to Kazan further east, which lies directly on the Volga. The participants will have some time until the competition to prepare themselves mentally for the event and will be supported by a mental...

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Stainless spool valve NG6 with roller actuation

Wandfluh has extended the proven roller valve with an execution for use in very corrosive environments. The valve is made from stainless materials and coated with high-quality surface protection. The valve can switch a volume flow of 60 l/min at up to 350 bar. The robust actuation roller can also absorb higher transverse forces and is very well protected against contamination. The direct operated...

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