Spool valve NG4 with enhanced corrosion protection

The proven flange spool valves for the modular valve construction have been extended with an execution for use in very corrosive environments. In the "K8" version, all external metal parts of the valve are completely coated with zinc-nickel, which results in significantly higher corrosion protection (800 h in the salt spray test according to ISO 9227). The valve can switch volumes up to 30 l/min...

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ISO or UNF cavities

Did you know that Wandfluh offers UNF and metric cavities for screw-in cartridges? The largest choice of cartridges we offer is in ISO cavities M18, M22, M33 and M42. However, the range of UNF cartridges has grown steadily and there are a number of valve types available from catalogue with UNF dimensions according to US standard. Almost the entire range of hydraulic functions is available in ISO...

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Stainless poppet valve ex-protection with reduced electrical actuation power

The poppet valve cartridge with the designation SLYPM22 with its very low actuating power is now also available in a stainless version and can therefore also be used in a highly corrosive environment. The valve can switch volume flows up to 10 l/min at up to 350 bar with an electrical power of only 6 Watt. With the option of integrated electronics, a 4 Watt holding power can be achieved. The valve...

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The QSPPU10 all-in-one valve covers various functions in a U10 cartridge and has been specially designed for applications involving the lifting, lowering and secure holding of loads. For this purpose, an additional flow limitation and a leakage-free poppet valve were integrated into a pressure-compensated proportional flow control valve. The proportional flow control shows a sensitive response...

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