Safety valve

Safety valve BVTPM22

The Safety valve BVTPM22 is a pilot operated pressure relief valve in a screw-in cartridge construction with the thread M22x1,5 for cavities in accordance with ISO 7789. The valve is designed according to AD-2000 and EC-type tested in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG. Within the range of 50–350 bar, the factory-set response pressures can be freely selected. Five values are available as preferential response pressures. The maximum permissible volume flow is 30 l/min.

  • Thread M22x1,5
  • Cavity according to ISO 7789
  • Max. response pressure 350 bar
  • Preferential response pressures 100/140/250/330/350 bar
  • Permissible volume flow 30 l/min
  • Data sheet 2.1-532

Please refer to the specifications of the data sheet.


1. Response pressure
    Factory-set pressure at which the valve opens

2. Blowing-off pressure
The blowing-off pressure is situated
at a maximum of 10%
above the response pressure

3. Closing pressure
Pressure at which the valve closes.
The closing pressure is situated at a maximum of 15%
below the response pressure

  • For the protection of hydraulic systems with pressure accumulators, resp. pressure reservoirs
  • For which safety valves are required
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